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We strive to answer and return phone calls promptly 6 days a week, only excluding Sundays. We forward our office phone to our private mobile phone, so the return number could be different than what you dialed.


Yes, we are open on Saturdays! A great option for families who get limited time off through the week. We will warn you Saturdays are probably our busiest day and if you would like to book a Saturday appointment we advise to call at least two weeks ahead of time to secure your spot. 

Olathe Location

Our sister store is located in Olathe Kansas and features a huge baby boutique and bear stuffing village. If this location works better for you, check out their site, or give them a call.

Kansas 4D Ultrasound    913-712-8126

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Please include a couple of dates and times your are requesting and how many weeks you are currently. If you want a quicker response, please give us a call.

Getting the best images

Schedule within a time frame:

To get great 3D/4D images of the baby you can schedule anywhere from 28-34 weeks. After 34 weeks babies do tend to start getting a little squished and that sometimes keeps us from seeing all of baby's face. 

Drink plenty of Water: 

1-2 weeks before your appointment, start drinking plenty of water through out the day. Not only is staying hydrated good for you and baby, this also helps the amniotic fluid to stay nice and clear, which helps us see clearer images. But WAIT! You do NOT need a full bladder during your ultrasound. Be comfortable, relax, and watch your baby smile! 

See in the pictures to the right, the clear amniotic fluid in the black and white (2D) photos. Then when switched to the color (3D/4D) we get a beautiful clear picture of baby! So remember to stay hydrated mommas!!